Japan Powerloom

Manufacturers of only top quality synthetic and silk looms.

Salient features

  • Defect free quality fabrics
  • Easy Maintenance
  • Smooth and Vibration Free
  • Minimum Stoppage Time
  • Extremely Accurate Let Off and Take Up Motion
  • Perfect Lattice and Timing Motion
  • Easy Drop Box Working
  • Well Designed Shuttle Boxes for Smooth Movement of Shuttle for Less Tension on Weft Yarn
  • Ideal Setting of Temple Bar
  • Trouble Free Weaving Form Light Saree to Heavy Suiting
  • Fast Reed/Loose Reed 1x1, 2x1, 4x1 and 4x4 Drop Box
  • Investment Return Achived in Minimum Time
  • Quality Control Mainteined at all stages of Testing Most rigidly
  • Ample Space for fitting Warp stop motion
  • Perfect finish for elegant appearance
  • Less power consumption for reduced cost
  • Requires less spare parts and accessories
  • Avable in 45", 52", 56", 60", 64" and 68", 72" R.S. Model Japan Type
  • Japan type 3 roll and 5 rolls with L ghodi and loose ghodi

Special Features

  • Letting Off

    Two type of Letting of mechanism are available

    • Single(attached) frame type, where space is the problem and
    • Seperate frame type. Letting off mechanism is most important for maintaining uniformity of warp tension
  • Taking Up

    The pickers indirect seven wheel take-up motion with ratchet wheel system is simple in construction and easy to operate. it performs accureate taking up motion and maintains unifrom reate of picks.

  • Picking Motion

    The N.B.T.I. Centre picking is adopted for smooth and uniform action. The mechanism is so designed as would ensure smoother picking motion with minimum of power loss as also long life for shuttles, pickers and picking sticks.

  • Driving

    Driving mechanism is so designed to achieve maximum efficiency by smooth and economical transmission and production by high speed running. The loom is indivdually driven by a motor 1 H. P. 1000 R.P.M. by 2 V-belts (A Class)
    Motor stand and Safety cover of our standard type.

  • Shedding

    Shedding is adopted with double tradle bowls to tappet to achive ideal shedding. Shedding in readle and Conne pully tyupe is suitable for plain weaving as well as Jacquard and dobby.

  • Design

    Designed and perfected after prolonged study and research so as to develop indigenously this powerloom on line with the well-known Japanese make in its class with modifications meant to answer precisley the peculiar local needs.

  • Sley

    Strong polished sley crafted selected good quality silve pine wood with Shisham wood race board and fitted with polished sley cap

  • Workmanship

    Suprement workmanship under righit and exacting control at every stage of procdduction. All Components are made with tools jigs, fixtures and testing device

  • Main Shaft and Bearings

    Crank shaft bearing & crank shaft arm running in special type of self lubricating bushes.

  • Gears

    All machine-cut gears